Children in the Kingfishers class are taught by Mrs Anstey and Mrs Bolton and are supported by Mrs Langmead.

Autumn 2018 

Our learning theme:

This term out overriding learning theme is stewardship. Within this we will be exploring our topic ‘From Field to Fork’. We will be thinking about the amazing work our farmers do to care for animals and crops and think about how we can be good stewards ourselves, developing our understanding of how we look after  others and the planet we live in.

English We will create our own Poems Based on the well known Old MacDonald song. We will read ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and use this traditional tale to inspire our own stories based on giant vegetables. We will also explore the imaginative ‘Supertato’ stories and explore some creative vocabulary. We will continue with our daily phonics sessions and Year 2 will also have a spelling session each day exploring tricky words and developing our spelling decision making skills.
How you can help: Visit the library. Read with your child every day, help with learning personalised spelling lists. Log on to IXL and complete AR quizzes.

Try to name/describe different fruits and vegetables when you visit the supermarket. Try cooking some new recipes with new ingredients at home and look at where the food comes from.

Maths We will look at the place value of numbers and solve practical topic related problems. We will develop our counting and reading/recording iof numbers. We will explore addition and subtraction using a range of manipulatives to support our learning. We will also apply our learning to a range of problem solving contexts.
How you can help: Support with key number skills, memorising times tables, log on to IXL  and complete set tasks to develop confidence with applying number and calculation skills. Look for numbers in the environment. Play games with dice/top trumps cards to practice reading/sorting and ordering numbers.
Curriculum: As scientists we will explore different edible plants and observe and describe growth.  We will also look at human and animal growth and think about food and hygiene.  We will sort some of the foods that we eat into groups that show which are farmed, caught or grown.

As geographers we will find out where food comes from and track its journey on maps. As historians we will compare how farming has changed over the years and look at how machinery and methods of farming have developed. As creators we will explore the changes food makes as it travels from farm to fork. We will create our own recipes and cook our own dishes. We will create our own farm and harvest theme art work inspired by our local environment.

How you can help: Please see our attached Homework grid for ways in which you can support your child’s learning across our curriculum.
Other additional notes and key dates:

·        PE kit to be in every day; Kingfisher Class will have daily physical activities and a discrete weekly session with Mr Waldron on a Thursday.

·        Parents evenings will take place the first week after half term;  Tuesday 30th October

·        Harvest Festival will be held on Monday 8th October 2018 at Peters Marland Church

·        Our School Christmas Performance will be held on Thursday 20th December