We aim to provide children with a range of experiences throughout their time at primary school and seek to do this through enrichment opportunities that support and complement our C360 curriculum. 


As part of our Character Education Programme ALL children will participate in 6 clocked enrichment activities, these can be found within our Character Education section of our website. 


Each term we plan at least one day of enrichment to further enthuse and engage children in the theme of learning. Providing children with a chance to learn in a real life context ensures that learning becomes more relevant and realistic and enables every child to access the curriculum through a hands-on, practical approach, away from the classroom. Enrichment opportunities like these are memorable days that children often comment on for years to come. 


Throughout the year children are able to access a range of sports within school in the form of after school clubs and outside of school when arranged through local learning communities or schools within our Alumnis Trust. These at times are competitive. We hold at least one sports day a year and children are also given chances to access fixtures against other schools in the local area when organised. 


In key stage 2 every child has the opportunity to attend a residential, starting in year 3 for one night and then moving to longer stays away as pupils move through year 4, 5 and 6. These include city trips away and trips to participate in a range of outdoor pursuits and water activities. Living in rural Devon, we believe it is important to let children experience life in urban areas and try to organise a London trip each year for older year stage 2 children. 


The arts and creativity are also celebrated within our schools with children being given opportunities to sing, perform, learn musical instruments and participate in art projects at times throughout the year. 


We believe these enrichment opportunities develop the whole child to enable them to experience ‘life in all its fullness’ John 10:10 and grow to become successful adults who are inspired to make a positive change.